Thursday, 17 September 2015

Developmental Update [September 2015]

Hello World,

For starters I should apologize for my absence on both the blog and social media. This past month has had two major milestones that required all of my free time. The first is the completion of Trials of the Magi, which is now fully printed and in my hands. In addition to ensure that everything printed properly, I was also preparing to debut the game at Fan-Expo in Toronto Canada. While both of these items took up a massive amount of time, I am happy to say that all of the work paid off. The game printed wonderfully and we had a great convention launch.

The next steps for Sproutli Games is to establish distribution for Trials of the Magi. Starting with sending out Kickstarter backer rewards, then continuing onward to organizing PDF and printed store fronts.

In addition to this we are also looking to expand our current con attendance, with the aim to run as many demo games as possible. To this end we are looking to attend Forest-City Con in London Ontario, as well as expand our Anime North Booth to run more games than last year.

With things now more manageable, you can look forward to more regular updates on both Twitter and on the blog. For now though, thanks for reading.

- Patrick Lapienis

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