Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Trials of the Magi - Developmental Update [February]

Hello World,

This week on the blog I would like to share some of the progress made on the development of Trials of the Magi. The past month has gone by in a flurry, but a massive amount has been accomplished over a variety of different areas in the project. For starters, another round of playtests has concluded generating a lot of great feedback which has been used to improve the game. On top of this a large amount of time and effort has been spent working to complete the first draft of the game’s core rulebook. Currently all that is left is to finish off that last few core chapters and some preliminary editing. From there the draft will be released to the public for beta testing. The release of the first draft is on schedule and is to be posted prior to the Kickstarter’s launch in the middle of March.

On the game’s artistic side there are two main channels of development. The first is art of the book which is spearheaded by Kayleigh Allen, who did the art for the Trials of the Magi NaGaDeMon entry. Currently Kayleigh is hard at work designing the cover art for the Trials of the Magi book. Which should be completed in the next week or so and once it is done I will be sure to share it on social media for all of you to check it out for yourselves. The other stream of artistic development is for the cards used within the game. The design of these cards is being done by Meryn Mercer, the same artist who created the cover art for my 48 hour RPG “Planet Crashers”. These cards have just finished the concept design phase and will be progressing into concrete designs in the following weeks. The concept designs for each of the cards found in the game’s Arcana deck can be seen below.

The third major area of development is with Sproutli’s website. This is a project we have been working on for quite some time and it is coming along nicely. The majority of the programming is done, all that is left to do is to add content onto it. When the website is launched next month there will be some features not yet implemented, these features being a player forum, storefront, and the relocation of this blog. This omission is due to the fact that web development is still a rather new area for our team and we would like to keep it’s initial launch as simple as possible. After launch however, these will be areas we intend to develop further.

With the Kickstarter launch of Trials of the Magi only a month away we here at Sproutli are exhilarated to see how far we’ve come, and are dedicated on delivering the best product we can. Be sure to look out for are launch by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Thank you to everyone who has lent us your support along the way, we couldn’t have made it this far without you!

As always, thanks for reading,

- Patrick Lapienis

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