Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Development Update: October 2014

Hello World,

Although I have been rather quiet for the past few weeks it has not been in vain. Over this past week I successfully ran my first public beta test of Consortia at Virtuacon. I had a blast running it and I would like to thank all of the players who came out to play test the system, I learned a lot from each of you.  This test marks the first time Consortia has been played outside my internal group and it did better than I could have imagined. With this new found success I would like to begin taking Consortia even further, getting input from a vast population of players from all gaming backgrounds. As such, I will be looking to both expand my internal group and run a more one shots/ campaigns over the next few months.  If you interested in play testing the system feel free to contact me at with you name and gaming history/preferences and we will try to find a game for you to join.

I also have a few more big announcements for content coming out over the next week or so.

First off I am pleased to announce Marker Jones, creator of the “Worlds of Rage” Tabletop RPG will be making a guest post on this blog in the upcoming week. Within his post Mark will discuss his 5 year journey to publish his own tabletop RPG as well as share what he has learned along the way. It is sure to be an informative post so be sure to catch that next Wednesday.

I would also like to take this time to announce that I will be challenging myself to create a 48 hour RPG this weekend. Within this challenge I will design, create and release a complete RPG over the course of two days. This RPG will then be posted onto, for those interested in giving it a read. I have chosen to undertake this challenge to both test my skills as a developer as well as get some design Ideas off my mind.

This next week will prove to be very jam packed and interesting to be sure and you can keep up to date on my 48 hour RPG progress by following me on Twitter @MTTJ_Patrick. In the meantime though…

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If you wish to receive play test document as they are released feel free to sign up as a play tester on the right hand side. You can also stay up to date on blog posts by following me on Google+. or Twitter.

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