Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Consortia Play Tests and Conventions

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Within this blog, most of what I have talked about is game theory and design thoughts. I have explained so little about the game I am designing and I would like to share a brief summary with you now.  I would like to start by stating  that after almost a year of work, it finally has a name. Consortia.

Consortia is a game which puts the players in control of an guild or organization, these players then work together to manage the guild’s resources, and dispatch members on a variety of missions. Each session is comprised of one major mission, which is roleplayed out – taking the majority of the session, and numerous minor missions solved with a single die roll and some narration by the players.

With characters working together to complete assignments, there is a heavy focus on teamwork. Each of the characters will have relationships with other members and NPCs, and by working together with each other, they can overcome challenges that they would be unable to overcome on their own.

Consortia is also structured as a story heavy system, which strives to share as much of the narrative power between the players and GM as possible. Players are encouraged to add their own narrative flair to each scene.

I am also pleased to announce that the 2nd draft of Consortia is now complete, and that play testing will begin next week! I will be sure to share what I learn over this next batch of playtests on the blog, so look forward to that.

In even grander news I will be running Consortia’s first public beta test at Virtuacon on October 11th. So come join the session if you are planning on checking out Virtuacon (Which I recommend because it’s online and free).

This will be my first convention RPG session, so wish me luck!

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