Thursday, 31 July 2014

Getting My Foot in the Door

Hello World,

Over the past eight months I have been constructing a Tabletop RPG which I am hoping to publish in the upcoming year. While I come from an engineering background games both tabletop and electronic are a large passion of mine. I actively study game theory whenever I get the chance and in the process of making my first game I have already learned so much.

Now that I know I am committed to publishing my first game and taking that initial step into this industry I would like to share this experience to other budding developers in hopes of helping them get their foot in the door.

In this blog I will discuss the journey of creating my first game, share the complications I am faced with, and most importantly what I do to try and overcome them. My decisions wont always be the best, but it is my hope to share what wisdom I learn from my mistakes. I will also aim to share any interesting and pertinent game design articles that I come across.

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